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10 June 2008 @ 01:02 am
Many thanks for the following nominations in thetammyawards writing/muse/rp awards! It's a real honour and more than a huge surprise!

- chasemd and causticguy for Canon Relationship of the Year (Medical)

- hungstethoscope for Best Fandom Specific Community (Medical)
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Title: "The Reason" by Hoobastank
Made by: scotlandaussie
Pairing: House/Chase
Summary: |SPOILERS: SEASON 4| Inspired by recent plots from the House/Chase RPG hungstethoscope: House thinks he's found a reason...
Disclaimer: All clips and scenes are owned by Fox Broadcasting and the TV show House MD.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgqyakD6du0

Click for the video...Collapse )

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26 February 2008 @ 06:55 pm
When: Post 4x03 "97 Seconds"
Where: House's Apartment
Who: House & Chase

"I could have you fired!"

"You've already had me fired."

"Which proves that I can."

"Were the men wrong?"

"No. That doesn't change the fact..."

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"Because performing tests for someone who is not a doctor in this hospital..."

"You're frustrated. If you want help, I'm here. If you just need to vent... leave a message."

Chase stood out the front of House's apartment looking up at the number on the door. He'd never been to House's apartment; not in the whole five years he'd known the man. Cameron had, but she had the hots for him, and Chase certainly did not have the hots for House. No way. Not even because they'd had great sex. That didn't matter. It wasn't like he wanted to date him or anything. It was night. The night after House had been released from hospital for electrocuting himself...

Chase hadn't seen House, let alone spoken to him, since House had confronted him in the foyer. Both of them knew the unpoken words of that conversation. Truth of the matter was, Chase had been more than a little pissed when House had fucked off as soon as they had finished, well, fucking. Not that he had expected more, but he also wasn't willing to let it drop at that. He knew that if he didn't do or say somethiNg (beyond work), House would forever ignore it and try to pretend it didn't happen.

No fucking way was Chase letting him get away with that.

He drew a sharp breath and bounded up the few stairs of House's apartment and knocked on the door. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his jacket and rocked on the balls of his feet for a moment before staring determindly at the door knocker in front of him.
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13 January 2008 @ 11:52 am
When: Post dinner; Post 4x02 "The Right Stuff"
Where: O'Reilly's Pub
Who: House and Chase

Thirty-seven percent. When Alfred Kinsey published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, he reported that thirty-seven percent of adult men in the U.S. had had some kind of homosexual experience, to the point of orgasm, sometime between adolescence and adulthood. Which, of course, was to say that in the explosively paranoiac days of McCarthyism, thirty-seven percent of men interviewed by a bunch of white, ostensibly straight, male researchers had been willing to admit some homosexual experience to the point of orgasm. On the matter of those who'd lied or just kept their mouths shut, the statistics were, unsurprisingly, silent.

The thing about statistics, House kept thinking as he and Chase proceeded to the neighboring pub, was that someone had to make up the numbers. Collapse )
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22 November 2007 @ 11:35 am
When: Post 4x02 "The Right Stuff"
Where: Diner on Main Street
Who: House & Chase

One of the great secrets of House's life—or at least one of the things that he fancied to be a great secret, whether or not it really was—was that he often did things without the slightest bit of forethought. He never thought of it as being impulsive. In fact he seldom thought of it at all because he never seemed to realize he was doing it until after the fact, and by that time he'd prefer to think about results rather than methods anyway.

Take this evening's choice of eatery, for example… Collapse )
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07 November 2007 @ 01:44 pm
When: Post 4x01 "Alone"
Where: House's Apartment
Who: House & Wilson

Wilson plucked two beers from the six pack in House's fridge and carried them through to the living room of the apartment. A baseball game was on the television and tucked under Wilson's arm were three bags of chips of various varieties.

He cracked open both beers and handed one to House before sitting on the sofa beside him and tossing the chips over onto the spare spot on House's other side. To say it had been a long week would be an understatement. Wilson decided that, whilst amusing at first, trying to match House in a battle of wills was just exhausting on his already frayed tolerance to House's stubborness of late. The whole 'I don't need a team' thing reached an expected climax with Cuddy demanded House hire a team, and stat. Though, as usual with House, nothing was ever done so simply or so rationally and he now had a string of thirty odd fellowship applicants lined up in the lecture hall like some sort of desperate line for the bathrooms.

"You didn't really think Cuddy would let you away with not hiring a team, did you?" he asked with a glance at House. His tone was working it's way into the realm of You-know-I-don't-approve-but-I'm-going-to-passively-remind-you-anyway. "You could save yourself a mound of paperwork if you just apologised to your old team."
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02 November 2007 @ 08:52 pm
When: One week post 3x24 "Human Error"
Where: Diner on Main Street
Who: House & Chase

The diner on Main Street had become somewhat of a haunt for Chase in the last week or so. With no job to speak of, he found sitting at home boring and monotonous, not to mention the fact he was by no means a chef and generally avoided cooking unless he really had to. The life of a doctor afforded the luxury of laziness in the kitchen and convenience food became a way of life rather than, well, a convenience. Now, with far too much spare time on his hands than he cared to admit, would be a perfect time to take an interest in cooking. But then Chase had never been one to take advantage of perfect timing, which was why he was eating the fourth dinner in a row - now his "usual" burger and fries - at the diner down the street from his apartment.


His lips pulled into a wry grimace as he shoved another fry in his mouth and tried to tune out the painful elevator music playing over the crackly sound system. It was just over a week since House had sacked him. Despite hours of analysing and re-analysing the situation, he still had no real clue why he got sacked in the face of Foreman's resignation. 'Been here the longest, learned all you can... time for a change', House had said. Chase snorted. Yeah, whatever.

He hadn't been bothered at first. In fact, he'd taken the whole incident in his stride and planned to move on. Although, he hadn't quite planned to 'move on' to the place he was now heading and still wasn't overly sure about his new position. It was a job, however, and he was due to start it in a few days time. He took a mouthful of his soda and shoved another fry into the small pool of ketchup on the side of his plate. A glance at his watch told him he'd wasted yet another evening sitting in a sub-average eatery with zero company but the middle-aged woman with too much hairspray weaving back and forth behind the counter.

Life's a bitch and then you- the little bell rang above the door and on account the diner was near-empty it caught Chase's attention enough to glance over, "Fuck."
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02 November 2007 @ 06:03 pm
Set following the House, M.D. Season 3 Finale "Human Error", hungstethoscope is a Season 4 episodic based House/Chase RPG. What would happen if House and Chase crossed paths soon after House fired Chase? No longer tied together as boss and employee, we see what really happens between the infamously caustic Diagnostician and his Aussie ex-minion in Season 4 of House, M.D. and what could really be lying behind those shared gazes...
Welcome to hungstethoscope!

A House/Chase Season 4 RPG

COMMENCING 01/11/2007